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W6_APE_Low Cost Hotel Accommodation-LCHA, ERR & Payback Period

  1. Problem Definition

For W6 blog, I will use the W5 data to find ERR and perform calculation for payback period.

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W2_TOM_Leadership by Example

1 – Problem Recognition, Definition and Evaluation

This is my second blog writing either in Simatupang AACE 2014 Class or in my real life. My first blog title is W1_TOM_Tuckman Analysis Assignment (recommended by Dr. PDG-my mentor in the AACE Certification Class Preparation) was about sharing the Team Development Stage and the relevancy with the Leadership Theory. I really hope anybody in this country and outside the country who has read it will obtain information or even lesson learnt from the blog since it was written based on real a case. Here is link to my first blog if you have not had chance to read it: https://simatupangaace2014.wordpress.com/category/postings-by-authors/tommy-edward/

I have been working in Jakarta for 9.5 years from total of my 11.5 years work experiences and something was not changing yet from Jakarta is the traffic which is very bad (read in bahasa “MACET”).

The local authority has tried many efforts to overcome the problem i.e. Busway lane, 3 in 1, expanding the road, etc. and the most recent one which is still under construction is MRT.

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