W2_TOM_Leadership by Example

1 – Problem Recognition, Definition and Evaluation

This is my second blog writing either in Simatupang AACE 2014 Class or in my real life. My first blog title is W1_TOM_Tuckman Analysis Assignment (recommended by Dr. PDG-my mentor in the AACE Certification Class Preparation) was about sharing the Team Development Stage and the relevancy with the Leadership Theory. I really hope anybody in this country and outside the country who has read it will obtain information or even lesson learnt from the blog since it was written based on real a case. Here is link to my first blog if you have not had chance to read it: https://simatupangaace2014.wordpress.com/category/postings-by-authors/tommy-edward/

I have been working in Jakarta for 9.5 years from total of my 11.5 years work experiences and something was not changing yet from Jakarta is the traffic which is very bad (read in bahasa “MACET”).

The local authority has tried many efforts to overcome the problem i.e. Busway lane, 3 in 1, expanding the road, etc. and the most recent one which is still under construction is MRT.


2 – Development of the Feasible Alternatives

Will MRT solve the “macet” in Jakarta? And will it solve the root cause?

People who works in Jakarta are not only people who live in Jakarta but also from the cities surrounding it i.e. Bogor, Depok, Bekasi Tanggerang.

To solve the “macet”, the Jakarta Authority must be working closely with those cities Authority.

Shall only the Authority who is responsible to overcome the “macet”? Sure it is not.

The people have the same obligation to help the authority to reduce the “macet” in Jakarta and surroundings.

3 – Development of the Outcomes for Each Alternative

So then what we all can do? Look at this statistic:

Table 1 – Growth of Motor Vehicles by Type in 1987-2011.

Source: http://www.bps.go.id/tab_sub/view.php?tabel=1&daftar=1&id_subyek=17&notab=12

From January to April 2012 alone, the vehicle populated on the streets of Jakarta has reached 13,346,802 units vehicle. With the details of 9,861,451 units of motorcycles, 2,541,351 units of cars, 581 290 units of trucks, and buses 363,710 units.

Source: http://jakarta.kompasiana.com/transportasi/2013/01/07/kemacetan-lalu-lintas-di-dki-jakarta-dalam-tinjauan-522101.html

  • We could not stop other people from buying a car and motorcycle
  • We could not stop vehicle manufacturers to produce motorcycle, cars, etc
  • But we could stop ourselves from buying more cars, more motorcycles
  • We could stop ourselves from driving or riding our vehicles to go to work and change to public transport.

4 – Selection of a Criterion

“Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country (JFK)”

True leadership involves the ability to conceptualize the vision and direction of the project and then be able to communicate and sell this vision to the team members and other stakeholders (Skills & Knowledge of Cost Engineering, pp. 22.4)

God has promised such of you as believe and do good works that He will surely make them to succeed the present rulers in the earth, even as He caused those who were before them to succeed; and he will surely establish for them their religion which He has approved for them (Qur’an 24:55). Source: http://www.unification.net/ws/theme156.htm

Our AACE Class Facilitator and Mentor Dr. PDG used to say that a good leader is a leadership by example.

5 – Analysis and Comparison of the Alternatives

I have a strong believe that leadership by example is the fastest, cheapest and most effective solution to overcome the “macet” instead of building or develop new infrastructure, etc.

6 – Selection of the Preferred Alternative

I have applied it by parking my vehicle at my house and go to office and to home by public transportation. Yes this is much less convenient for me but at least I have done something instead of being passive and I believe (as said in Qur’an) that if we do good work will get in return a success in the future.

.7 – Performance Monitoring and Post Evaluation of Results

There are a lot of solutions to overcome the “macet” BUT if people just giving ideas without giving the example how the idea is working or just waiting the Authority to solve the problem? Then the problem will never being solved indeed.

I would very encourage all the people who work in Jakarta to demonstrate leadership by example in many ways and let us TOGETHER solve the “macet” in Jakarta.

I wanted to start my blog with this Leadership by Example topic prior to start blogging in Earned Value, CPI, SPI, Project Management, Tools &Technique, etc. BECAUSE I truly believe that the key of success in the organization (small, medium, or massive) is a good leadership.


  1. Amos, S.J. (2012). Skills & Knowledge of Cost Engineering, 5th Edition Revised. In G. Levin (Ed.), Chapter 22, Leadership and Management of Project People (pp. 22.4). Morgantown, WV: AACE International.

  2. Wilson, A. (1991). World Scripture: Leadership by Example and Honest Government.

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by | September 10, 2013 · 10:53

2 responses to “W2_TOM_Leadership by Example

  1. Hi Tommy,
    This started out as an excellent case study and I am going to accept your blog posting as you followed our step by step process and your citations were done correctly, but your analysis (steps 4, 5 and 6) didn’t provide sufficient support why you should “lead by example”. (As good an example as you are trying to set, it really won’t make much difference until there is a viable alternative, and the busway is NOT the answer!!)

    In order to be a valid comparison, what you could have/should have done is compared Jakarta to Bangkok, Thailand and/or to Singapore. Prior to Bangkok putting in their monorail system, Bangkok was approaching total gridlock. (As Indonesia is now) Since putting into service their monorail, the impacts on traffic congestion have been positive, but not as positive as they were in Singapore.

    While I am accepting this posting (barely!!) because it is a worthy case study, here are some additional references to help you out:

    Click to access 17-1-02.pdf



    Another suggestion- why not take the traffic growth data and using REGRESSION ANALYSIS project the future growth of traffic in Jakarta…? That alone would make a great 250 word blog posting….

    Another suggestion to help you would be to seek out Pak Arif’s help and guidance. He clearly is a Subject Matter Expert in creating his blogs and I am sure he could give you some suggestions.

    Dr. PDG, Singapore

    • Hi Dr. PDG,

      250 words blog is something, your comment in my posting already almost 240words.
      Hopefully further I can make a 250 words blog and a comprehensive one.

      I agreed with your comment and suggestion.
      My focus in W2 blog is that I wanted to tell everyone to contribute to Jakarta, do not wait from the Government.
      Park your car/motorbike at home an take public transport although it was not convininent.
      Next week blog I will continue this blog still about Jakarta traffic and raise up your suggestion into thw blog.

      Anyway thank you for accepting my blog.

      With my best regards,
      Tommy (TOM)

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