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W4_HPO_Choosing The Best Depreciation Method

1. Problem Statement

My friend ask my help to choose the best depreciation method he should apply in his accounting book. He has bought some Kijang Innova cars cost around US$ 25,000 each intended for rentals. Because the rentals is intended for offices, he is ready for 3-years fixed rate with a risk of increasing operation and maintenance cost around 10% inflation each year. He also said that the cars will be rejuvenated for every 5 years and sold at least next year after the commissioning. Because the cars are Toyota’s, the salvage value is predicted to stay around 60% after 5 years conservatively. Tax will be assumed at 30%  averagely.

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W11_APE_Presidential Cost in Indonesia

  1. Problem Definition

How much cost required of running for President in Indonesia? There is no open source for public knowledge and transparency of presidential cost from one candidate to others. In this blog I try to estimate presidential cost for next general election planned in 2014.  

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W4_SSG_Investment Decision by Internal Rate of Return


Considering traffic Jam in Jakarta, many of the worker who live at suburb of Jakarta using motorcycle as mean of transportation to office. This situation gives opportunities to develop a business motorcycle rental. I want to see whether this motorcycle rental is economically justified.

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