Who We Are

Simatupang AACE 2013 is public class for Integrated Asset, Portfolio, Program and Project Management Course from PT Mitratata Citragraha (PTMC) as part of presenting a Program for Asean Project Manager’s Center of Excellence (APMX).

Simatupang AACE 2013 consist of professional on Electricity, Mining, Oil and Gas sector that learn and implement asset, portfolio, program or project management under real life conditions.

Simatupang AACE 2014 member are :

1. Tommy Edward AWE Indonesia
2. Hadianto Prasetio  SKK Migas
3. Afriandi Eka Prasetya  SKK Migas
4. Anggono Mahendrawan  SKK Migas
5. Wirawan Aditya Seta Penangsang  SKK Migas
6. Asyhad  SKK Migas
7. Auliya Fahmi Syafri  ConocoPhilips (Grissik) Ltd.
8. Sutoyo Saragih  Eni Indonesia
9. Sadat Soepadmo Daroeso  Western Power
10. Arif Permana  Private
11. Hari Wibisana  Private
11. Mayapati Pertamina

With our expert mentor/facilitators Dr. Paul D. Giammalvo, CDT, CCE, MScPM, MRICS that provides expert guidance and advice.

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