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W3_AEP_Applying economic evaluation and decision tree analysis to complete the workover job

Problem Identification

In order to fulfill gas supply commitment in accordance to sales agreement with PT PLN, a suspended gas exploration well was proposed to be put on production. With a gas price plot in the sales agreement at $6 per MBTU, the gas at amount of 1500 mmscf was expected to be produced in 3 years. Presume an investment cost at $750 thousands and annual operation cost at $700 thousands give the contractor’s take an IRR of 142% and NPV $1.5 million. (PSC gas share for government/contractor is 70/30 from net revenue, while the MARR for oil and gas investment is set 20%).

From the previous measurement, the potential zone called X255 was identified as damaged. Another potential layers were proposed to be perforated. Workover job has brought the new layers as water producing with a very small gas show. As alternative to the bad result, the contractor proposes additional effort to reopen the X255 zone with the probability of 0.6. The cost has already run at S1 million (over 33% from its original AFE $750 thousands) and additional efforts will require another $500-$700 thousands to the budget. Termination of the job will cost a penalty at $500 thousands.

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