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W2_ANG_Material Selection

Problem Statement

As part engineering department of an automobile radiator manufacturer, an engineer in conceptual design phase is required to select material that will be used for its commercial off-the-shelf product.

This material selection shall consider the total life cycle of the car.

Feasible Alternatives

The design engineer has alternatives of using either a brass-copper alloy casting or a plastic molding. Either material provides the same service. However, the brass-copper alloy casting weighs 25 pounds, compared with 20 pounds for plastic molding. Every pound of extra weight in the automobile has been assigned a penalty of $6 to account for increased fuel consumption during the life cycle of the car. The brass-copper alloy casting costs $3.35 per pound, whereas the plastic molding costs $7.40 per pound. Machining costs per casting are $6.00 for the brass-copper alloy.
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