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W1_AEP_Tuckman Analysis Assignment

Problem Statement: Where are We Now?

Following up the AACE International Certification Preparation Course’s face to face session for five days, Simatupang AACE 2014 team shall know on what development stage are they as a team, what kind of leadership is appropriate, and what individual adjustment to be made, in order to achieve the goals of pass the exam(s) at the first attempt and return on training investment.

Feasible Alternatives: Team Development and Leadership Theories

Dr. Bruce Tuckman’s Forming–Storming–Norming–Performing model, first published in 1965, is an elegant and helpful explanation of team development and behavior. It explains team maturity and ability to its development, relationships establishment, and the changes of leadership style. Situational Leadership ® Model, developed by Dr. Paul Hersey and Situational Leadership II ®, developed by Ken Blanchard, address the leadership behaviors: Telling-Selling-Participating-Delegating.

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