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W11_AEP_Rebaselining the well work operation using Earned Value

Problem identification

Although earned value (EV) offering a new paradigm on well servicing operation monitoring to measure its performance, the operation itself still contain uncertainties. Well servicing is not a fixed project as the project done on the surface. When we’re working subsurface beneath the ground, so many uncertainties haunts the operation.

A workover operation was performed to shut off the watered formation and recomplete to produce the oil from the same formation. Recompletion means to change all existing completion string and replace with the new one. Unfortunately, we found difficulties when millng and fishing the packer which extends the duration and of course the cost. Decision was made to continue the operation. Looking at the progress and the performance, revision to the program is a necessity.

The EV approach is challenged to help us create and monitor the revised budget and duration.

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