W9_ASY_Leasing for Motorcycle Comparison

Problem Statement

Yesterday my wife asked me that she wanted to have a motorcycle for short traveling around daily for shopping around my neighbourhood. Then we search the internet to find what kind of motorcycle she is comfortable with. Finally whe choose Yamaha Vino Classic. The price of motorcycle on the road is IDR 13,750,000.-, I try to find information about leasing company, there are two option which one of company ADR propose with down payment IDR 2,900,000,- with 15 monthly payment IDR 1,028,000,-. And then BSN leasing company propose with down payment IDR 2,500,000,- with 17 monthly payment IDR 927,945,- if I want to buy in installments not in cash, which leasing company gives me better offer to choose?


Development The Feasible Alternatives

From the installment scheme of two leasing companies, I summary the choices as follows:

  1. Pay in Installment by “ADR” Leasing Company:
  • Down Payment IDR 2,900,000.-
  • Installment 1,028,000.- for 15 months
  1. Pay in Installment by “BSN” Leasing Company:
  • Down Payment IDR. 2,500,000.-
  • Installment IDR. 927,945.- for 17 months

The “ADR” company offered down payment higher IDR.400,000.- and slightly higher monthly payment but 2 month shorter duration then BSN company.

Outcomes/ Calculations of Each Alternative

To get objective decision, I make the simulation of projected payment and calculate the Total Present Value of each payment scheme in the following spreadsheet.

the interest rate of each offered payment scheme is calculated based on formula

Present Value = Future Value / ((1+Interest Rate)^N months)

Then apply the formula for each payment period to find out the present value for each money spent for monthly payment.

Then I get the interest rate offered by company “ADR” is about 13. 1% per month and offered by company “BSN” is about 12.4% per month.

Tabel.1 Payment Scheme

Tabel.2 Interest rate calculation

Setting Minimum/ Selection Criteria

The selection criteria, we want to get the lowest interest rate as possible from the scheme offered.

Analysis/ Comparison of the Alternatives against the Criteria

Based on above table, company “BSN” offers better (lower) interest rate: 12.4% per month compare to company “ADR”: 13. 1%

Selection of the Best/ Preferred Alternative Compared against the Criteria

Based on above criteria, the preferred alternative is select company “BSN” for the leasing scheme.

Performance Monitoring and Post Evaluation of Result/ Follow up Assessment

By comparing the calculation in table.2 with simple formula in Excel spreadsheet, FV=(rate,nper,pmt,[pv];[type])

The result for future value with the calculated rate is the same!

So the above the calculation is validated by excel spreadsheet formula

References :

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One response to “W9_ASY_Leasing for Motorcycle Comparison

  1. Great case study, Pak Asyhad!!! And you did an excellent job on your analysis….

    But WHY didn’t you cite the specific chapter and page in Engineering Economy so you could claim credit for your problems as well?

    It seems a real shame to do this work for your blog and NOT be able to claim credit on your PROBLEMS project as well?

    Suggest you send an EMAIL (not text) message to Pak Arif so he can give you credit for the PROBLEMS project as well….? You know, work SMART, not HARD? Just be sure to charge some of your time to BOTH projects, not just to the Blog project…

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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