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W10_AEP_Monitoring the well work operation using Earned Value

Problem identification

Well servicing operation performed on the hydrocarbon well has two objectives: finding out how the status of the well itself or the reservoir is evolving, and maintaining or adapting the well to keep the best possible operating conditions. Well servicing operations are done over the field’s lifetime. The operations that may have to be carried out on a well are numerous and can be broken down into measurements, maintenance, and workover.

Monitoring a well servicing operation is different with well drilling monitoring. A drilling operation performance can be measured by following the Time-Depth-Cost (TDC) curve. A plateau shown in the depth curve over the time indicates a non productive time (NPT). While a well drilling means a well construction, a well servicing is done in a constructed well. It means that TDC curve is not a suitable to measure well servicing performance. Continue reading


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