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W6_TOM_ Choosing MBA Program by Using Multi-Attribute Decision Making Compensatory Models.

1. Problem Definition

Ms. XY has intention to enter next education level through a Master of Business and Administration degree. And she is strongly determined to choose MBA program which best fit with her preferences. And what she asked is advice on which one is the best MBA program for her.

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W9_SSD_Multiattributes Decision – Analytic Hierarchy Process Method– Selecting Solution for Network Issues

1. Problem Definition

In previous blogs, I use Non Compensatory Model, Compensatory Model, and Full Analytical Criteria Method as decision making tools, to make decision on selecting a project to fix a network issue. In this blog I will use Analytic Hierarchy Process as decision making tool. I am also going to use the same problem as in blog Week 6[7].

Analytic Hierarchy Process is a tool which has been introduced by Thomas L. Saaty in the early 1980s[4]. It based on methodology where the problem is decomposed into hierarchy of criteria and alternatives (options). The information is then synthesized to determine relative ranking of alternatives/options. Both qualitative and quantitative information can be compared using informed judgements to derive weights and priorities Continue reading

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