W6_AEP_Get organized for busy mom

Problem identification

As a busy mom, every morning my wife has to face many kinds of job to be done. To mention these routines: preparing meals for her family, dropping-off and picking-up the children at school, getting the housekeeping tasks done by the housemaid, managing her online shop, etc. Getting up early to work out on her business does not really mean that she will have a lot of spare time to relax in the rest of the day or the week. She was looking for my help to organize her responsibilities.

Development of alternatives

Organizing the daily task will lead us to take control of our day. Following best practices can be proposed to help my wife as a busy mom taking control of her day:  Activity Log, To-Do List, Action Programs, and Tasks Scheduling.

Development of prospective outcomes

The outcomes of adopting these best practices are to get all the tasks listed, prioritized, the multiple tasks are easily done, and effective time allocated.

Selection of the acceptable criteria.

The human mind can handle only five to nine bits of information at one time. This is the effective range of the number of tasks that an individual can actually manage as well. As a manager at house, my wife must easily manage and prioritize all tasks to be done.

Analysis and comparison of alternatives.

Table 1          Comparison of the best practices

Activity Log

To-Do List

Action Programs

Task Scheduling

As it is conditions Work overload Multiple tasks Mix of regular, routine, important tasks
1. write down every activity2. write down every change activities3. write down the duration

4. analyze and boost productivity

1. write down every task to complete2. task allocating priorities4. work through it in order


1. Data collection2. Pruning3. Organizing & prioritization

4. working your action program

1. Find your peak time2. Analyze your tasks3. Identify External factors

4. Allocate times to tasks


The table showing us the stages of conditions which the best practices can be applied. Helping a busy mom get organized, I have to find out at what stage is she now. To do this, we first looking at the activities and putting note at the duration. A kind of activity log has to be completed before we continue to apply one of the best practices.

If she working overload, she can use the To-Do List to give her information of what task to be done. If she working on multiple tasks at the same time, she may use Action Programs to organize those tasks. If she working on mixed tasks, she would probably use Task Scheduling to allocate the time of every task.

Selection of the preferred alternative

I would like to recommend my wife as a busy mom to utilize the Activity Log to learn and analyze every single activity she done for a few days before she continue with another best practices.

Performance monitoring and postevaluation of results

A sign of ineffectiveness is when someone is trying to do multiple tasks at the same time. Once my wife analyze what has written down in the Activity Log, she might be able to boost her productivity by avoiding to do more than one tasks at the same time. She would also probably get organized by applying another practices to various activities.


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8 responses to “W6_AEP_Get organized for busy mom

  1. Well done, Andi….. Interesting case study and appropriate use of an action log…….. When I can access the Word Press site, I will give you 4 stars……

    What you didn’t reference was George Millers the “Magic Number 7, Plus or Minus 2- http://www.musanim.com/miller1956/

    You also didn’t reference anything on the fallacies of multi-tasking. Here is a very good discussion of this topic on linked in right now…. http://www.linkedin.com/groupItem?view=&gid=37888&item=5792805023960281089&type=member&commentID=5793798360930467840&trk=hb_ntf_COMMENTED_ON_GROUP_DISCUSSION_YOU_COMMENTED_ON#commentID_5793798360930467840

    Had you added these two references, (or something similar) you would have gotten 5 stars.

    BR, Dr. PDG Beijing, China

    • thank you doc, will see the references and add more value to my blog. Please advise, shall i use w6.1 or just revise the references to existing post?

  2. Dear Doc, I have read the suggested references, and I think I don’t have to revise the entire post but to add two references which supporting my blog. Thank you for your advise.

  3. OK, now you’ve got it…….

    Nice work!!! Just be sure to check the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS in the future…… Work which does NOT meet the technical specifications does NOT count under applied earned value….

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

    • Doc, pardon me to not get the message about the technical spec. Would you please explain about checking the technical spec related to my post?

      • Yes, in the course handouts and templates I provided, I thought I was clear that these were the quality standards I was expecting?

        For the blog that included 250 -500 words and a MINIMUM of 3 citations or references?

        Also for Earned Value, remember there were three criteria which had to have been met before the owner MUST pay the contractor promptly?
        #1- Work MUST have been physically done. (No advance payments)
        #2) The work done must be in SUBSTANTIAL CONFORMANCE to the technical requirements;
        #3) The work has fulfilled the contractual terms and conditions. (It has met the “contractor shall….” clauses,)

        Dr. PDG, Jakarta

      • got it sir!
        our works are accepted as long as fulfill the specs and meet criteria

      • That’s correct…….

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