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W6_AEP_Get organized for busy mom

Problem identification

As a busy mom, every morning my wife has to face many kinds of job to be done. To mention these routines: preparing meals for her family, dropping-off and picking-up the children at school, getting the housekeeping tasks done by the housemaid, managing her online shop, etc. Getting up early to work out on her business does not really mean that she will have a lot of spare time to relax in the rest of the day or the week. She was looking for my help to organize her responsibilities.

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W6_SSD_Non Compensatory Decision Making – Selecting Transmission Projects

1. Problem Recognition, Definition and Evaluation

The electricity load in Onyx Suburb, close to Blackberry Substation is increasing. To deal with the increasing load, electricity supply in Onyx Suburb needs to be increased. I also would like to use this blog to claim for Problem Solving Work for Engineering Economic Chapter 14 Decision making Considering Multiattributes. Continue reading


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