W6_ASY_Improve Business Planning Interaction

Problem Statement

Today in this competitive market it is a basic rule for all company management to be very adaptive in order to survive in whatever kind of business they are. after discussing several economic point of view for small business proposal in my previous blogposting I think it is important if we understand how to improve business interaction before we start the busines. How to run the laundry business or small business correctly. We will do it using tree diagram for mapping tasks or action plan that needed to do or implemented to improve the company business performance.

Development The Feasible Alternatives

To bring the goal into reality, we wiil need means as a tool to make it happen. And for improving business planning interaction the alternatives are listed below:

  1. Choosing tree diagram goal statement
  2. Assemble the right team
  3. Generate major three headings, which are the major subgoals to pursue
  4. Breaking each major heading into greater detail
  5. Review the completed tree diagram for logical flow and completeness

Development Outcomes of Alternative

By using tree diagram as an alternative method for of mapping task team member to make business improvement there should be at least 4 adavantages such as:

  1. To enable each member actively making contribution because all team member is linked to the overall goals and subgoals of a task.
  2. It is also allows all member or participants of to check and re-check at every level of plan of detail.
  3. Bring the planning team to reality
  4. Possibility to reveal the real level of complexity involved in the achievement process of any goal

Selection of the alternative

The alternatives selection for small business improvement planning interaction is based on criteria whether the alternatives is can be implemented with considering the highest priority.

Analysis/ Comparison of the Alternatives

The alternatives for business planning improvement interaction comes in the following diagram just like a simple decision chart of alternatives as follows:

Figure.1 Business Planning Interaction Improvement Chart

And here is tabulation for each output of the alternative for improving the small business process as the following table:

Tabel.1 Action Plan of Business Improvement

Selection of the Best/ Preferred Alternative Compared against the Criteria

The selection alternative for the laundry business as well as small business as listed in tabel. 1 is based on applicable action items based on highest priority then go to lower priority afterward. And each categorization has relative weight to another depends on business type. In advance business company each alternative could be quantified in more deeper levels of details and of course cost and benefit calculation is becoming an important factor to be considered.

Performance Monitoring and Post Evaluation of Result/ Follow up Assessment

The improvement process above is an merely a logic of interaction process with iteration process, it does mean if the company put more attention seriously to its improvement business planning, the counter measure will happen to make any correction to improve its in-efficiency. History has proved and it is naturally proven that if improvement inside the company is processing continously then it would become more effective and more efficient for the company to survive in the market competition.


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One response to “W6_ASY_Improve Business Planning Interaction

  1. AWESOME case study, AWESOME analysis and AWESOME references…….

    Very well done posting Pak Asyhad!!!

    Just keep showing to me and to your colleagues you know how to use these tools and techniques under REAL LIFE CONDITIONS and you should be very well prepared for the very tough “Part 2” narrative questions on the AACE Exams.

    Unfortunately, this is the ONLY way I have of really helping you prepare for those specific questions. And almost NEVER has anyone from our classes FAILED that part of the exam. As a matter of fact, several people who have used the 7 step format have been given EXTRA points for having done so.

    Bottom line- VERY important that you master this way to analyze problems not only for the exam but in your real day to day working environment….

    Keep up the good work!!

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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