W5_HWB_ Multiattributes Decision Non Compensatory Model – Selecting Motorbike

1. Problem Definition

At this fifth blog, I will do a qualitative type of the selection decision method. I am planning to buy a motorcycle for short distance transportation. As we know, many brands and variants of motorcycles in the market with competitive quality and price. Therefore, the selection is more based on a subjective feeling or desire rather than the data in the form of numbers.

2. Development of Feasible Alternatives

In reality, we typically make non-compensatory decisions. This happens when people:[1]

  • don’t collect all the relevant information systematically,
  • fail to consider the relative importance of various attributes, or
  • do not trade off the benefits of some attributes against the deficits of others.

There are four noncompensatory models for making a choice when multiple attributes are present. They are :[2]

  • dominance
  • satisficing
  • disjunctive resolution, and
  • lexicography

We will examine that four models to select the motorcycle.

 3. Development Outcomes for Alternative

There are four variants are comparable motorcycles to choose from, namely: Suzuki Spin 125 SR (SP), Yamaha Mio Soul (YMS), Honda Vario CW (HVC), and Kawasaki Athelete (KA). Updated price of each are Rp. 12.525.000[3], Rp. 13.700.000[4], Rp. 14.600.000[5], Rp. 15.250.000[6]. For each distance per fuel consumption are: 42.4 km./ltr, 28 km/ltr, 45.7 km/ltr, and 47.5 km/ltr.[7]

4. Selection of Criteria

After collect data by browsing and interviewing frends, here is the summary information table :


5. Analysis of the Alternatives

To check for dominance from summary information table, pairwise comparisons of each motorbike’s set of attributes must be inspected as table below:

It is clear from table above that SP dominates YMS, so YMS will be dropped from further consideration.

To illustrate the satisficing model, acceptable limits (feasible ranges) must be established for each attribute. After considerable thought, I determines the feasible ranges as table below:

From table above, SP joins YMS on my list of rejects. By applying the feasible ranges in table above to the disjunctive resolution model, all motorbike would be acceptable because each has at least one attribute value that meet or exceeds the minimum expectation. Notice that dominance, satisficing and disjunctive resolution are not produce the best alternative.

Lexicography require that all attributes first be ranked in order of importance. Each attribute ca be ranked according to the number of times it appears on the left-hand side of comparison when the preferred attribute is placed on the left as table below:

In this case, the ranking is found to be performa > fuel > cost > fitur > model. Developed from table above, we can illustrates the application of lexicography to the ordinal ranking as table below.

6. Selection of Preferred Alternative

The final choice would be KA (Kawasaki Athelete) because performa is the top-ranked attribute, and KA’s performa is the best of all.

7. Performance Monitoring & Post Evaluation of Results

Only the model of lexicography which can give the final result to determine all options/alternatives compared with other models. If Honda Vario has the same performa as Kawasaki Athelete, then the choice will be based on the fuel (km/ltr) as 2nd ranking to the attribute. In the next blog (W6), with the same case in this blog, I will try to quantify attributes with other methods, namely Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP).


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5 responses to “W5_HWB_ Multiattributes Decision Non Compensatory Model – Selecting Motorbike

  1. EXCELLENT case study Pak Hari and you did a great job with your analysis and with your references. Loved what you have done here!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you demonstrate your mastery of using these other tools and techniques on the same case study.

    Keep up the good work!!

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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