W3.1_TOM_Using Multiattribute Decisions Making Tools & Techniques to Determine Best Transportation Mode of Home-Office-Home

1 – Problem Recognition, Definition and Evaluation

I am one of million commuters who travel every day to Jakarta for business purpose. Traffic in Jakarta is a nightmare; Vehicles Growth in Jakarta is 11% while Road Growth is only 0.01% (http://www.tribunnews.com/metropolitan/2013/03/05/kendaraan-tumbuh-11-jalan-cuma-tumbuh-001).

It was predicted that in 2014 there will be saturated traffic congestion in Jakarta as shown in Figure 1 below if private vehicles are uncontrollable. I have to anticipate this situation and my plan is to formulate which is the best option transportation mode to take on.

Figure 1 – Preliminary Prediction Comparation between Utilization of Vehicles with Total Road Area in Jakarta

Source: http://www.ui.ac.id/download/apru-awi/jakarta-local-goverment.pdf


2 – Development of the Feasible Alternatives

There are 3 (three) types of Transportation Mode options that I want to compare with, which are:

  1. By using private car
  2. By using Public Bus
  3. By using Commuter Line (Light Train)

3 – Development of the Outcomes for Each Alternative

To evaluate which decision I am going to take, I will use Multiattribute Decisions Making Tools & Techniques. This Tools & Techniques is adopted from Sullivan, GW et. al., Engineering Economy 15th Edition, Chapter 14 Decisions Making Considering Multiattributes, pp. 551-557.

4 – Selection of a Criterion

The attributes which are decided to be used are:

  • Monetary: Total hours & Rupiah’s spent to cover transportation cost home-office-home
  • Nonmonetary: Comfortness, Environmental, Punctuality, Safety, Contribution to reduce traffic

5 – Analysis and Comparison of the Alternatives

The selected attributes are formulizing into a table (matrix):

6 – Selection of the Preferred Alternative

Based on the matrix above by monetary aspect Commuter Line is best alternative however by nonmonetary aspect for this time being Public Bus Transportation is the best alternative for me because it gives comfort which is very important attribute for me and same as commuter line it is also a good leadership by example to reduce the traffic by reducing number of private vehicles.

7 – Performance Monitoring and Post Evaluation of Results

For this time being for me Public Bus is more feasible however with some critical improvement, commuter line soon will be the best Transportation Mode option for all the commuters.


  1. Sullivan, W. G., Wicks, E. M., & Koelling, C. P. (2012). Engineering economy (15th ed.). Chapter 14 Decisions Making Considering Multiattributes (pp. 551-557). Boston, MA: Prentice Hall.
  2. Ui.ac.id, Jakarta Urban Transport Problems and Their Environmental Impacts.

    Retrieved on 18-Sep-2013 from http://www.ui.ac.id/download/apru-awi/jakarta-local-goverment.pdf

  3. Tribunnews.com, Vehicles Growth in Jakarta is 11% while Road Growth is only 0.01%.

    Retrieved on 18-Sep-2013 from http://www.tribunnews.com/metropolitan/2013/03/05/kendaraan-tumbuh-11-jalan-cuma-tumbuh-001


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One response to “W3.1_TOM_Using Multiattribute Decisions Making Tools & Techniques to Determine Best Transportation Mode of Home-Office-Home

  1. AWESOME case study Pak Tommy and not only did you follow our 7 step process perfectly, you also backed up your research with a minimum of 3 references, which is important in order to give CREDIBILITY and SUPPORT to our approach.

    Very important when we are producing ANY technical report, whether it is for public or in-house audiences that we back up what we did with evidence as to where we got our data and why we used one tool/technique over another.

    Nice work and don’t forget this for other postings!!!

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta, Indonesia

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