W4_HWB_Force Field Analysis – Paper Topic

1. Problem Definition

Paper topic that I’m going to execute, it’s been approved by DR PDG. But before that, in determining the topic of paper to be written, I have the choice of two topics which both have positive advantages in my point of view. More analysis needs to be done in order to determine one between the two topics before submit for approval.

 2. Development of Feasible Alternatives

To assist in decision-making will use a technique called Force Field Analysis, which is a technique that analyzes the strength and resistant. The technique was created by Kurt Lewin in 1940 which was originally used as a tool in support of his work as a social psychologist. Now the Force Field Analysis is used for business decision making go or no go.[1]

 3. Development Outcomes for Alternative

Here are two paper topics that will be analyzed:

  • Paper topic 1: Application EVM on project activity
  • Paper topic 2: Economic analysis on investment

4. Selection of Criteria

Prioritize the driving forces that can be strengthened or identify restraining forces that would allow the most movement toward the ideal state if they were removed[2]. Assign a score to each force, say 1 (weak) to 5 (strong), and then sum up the scores for each column (driving or restraining force).

5. Analysis of the Alternatives

The table[3] for analysis paper topic-1 as shown below:

Below is diagram for score of force on paper topic 1:

The table for analysis paper topic-2 as shown below:

Below is diagram for score of force on paper topic 2:

6. Selection of Preferred Alternative

Force field analysis result for paper topic 1 shows that score of driving force (positive) greater than the restraining force (negative), which states that paper topic 1 is good to continue. While the results of the analysis on topic paper 2 states the opposite.

Diagram below illustrates the comparison of the two force field analysis:

7. Performance Monitoring & Post Evaluation of Results

Force Field Analysis is not to compare between the options, but it is used to measure a viable option to run or not. In this blog I analyze the two options and compare the results. Seen that the driving force that has the highest will be selected, in this case is the paper topic 1: Application of EVM on project activity. Will be sharper analysis by adding these factors on positive / negative drivers.


[1] Force Field Analysis. Retrieved from http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newTED_06.htm

[2]Brassard, M and Ritter, D (2010), The Memory Jogger (2nd Edition), Canada, GOAL/QPC.

[3]Force Field Analysis – Model 5 Example. Retrieved from http://www.smartdraw.com/examples/view/force+field+analysis+-+model+5/

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One response to “W4_HWB_Force Field Analysis – Paper Topic

  1. AWESOME posting, Pak Hari!!! I loved it!!! Nice use of Force Field Analysis (might come in handy to know that tool for the Part 2 Essay Question on your AACE Exams) and you followed our step by step process and your citations were spot on.

    PLUS, because you are working SMART not HARD, you can charge some of the time spent on writing this blog against your paper.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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