W2_MY_Non Compensatory Model

1.Problem Definition

My younger sister gets 3 new offer areas from her company and she should decide where she wants to stay. I try to help my sister to make decision maker to choose which offer is the most interesting one.

So to do this I try use non compensatory model and lets we see the result.

2.Feasible alternatives

Here is the data that my sister already summarizes:

W2_NonCompensatory Model_Data

3. Develop the outcomes

Because we use Non-Compensatory model then I will try to analyze it with 3 methods:

  • Dominance

Dominance is a useful screening method for eliminating inferior alternatives from the analysis.

  • Satisfaction

Satisfaction sometimes refer as method of feasible ranges, require the establish of minimum or maximum acceptable values for each attributes.

  • Lexicography

This model is suitable for decision situations in which a single attribute is judge to be more important than other attribute. On this model selection is based on the highest rank.

Then I start to analyze using 3 method that already mentioned on non compensatory model :

1.Check The Dominance


Figure 2: Dominance Model

2. Feasible range for satisfaction


Figure 3: Satisfaction Model

3.Application for Lexicography


Figure 3: Lexicography Range

4. Select Acceptable Criteria

From feasible range we can do first filter for all alternative, is it pass our minimum value or not. And if it’s not then we just eliminate those options. From figure 3 we can see that for area C is eliminate because that’s option not meet our minimum value.

So the option left is for Job A and Job B, and from dominance table we can see the best option is alternative area B. Then we can concentrate on lexicography table and we can see that rank 4 is the highest-ranked and rank 1 is the lowest.

5.  Compare the outcome

First we do filtering based on minimum values that my younger sister expecting and there for we eliminated Job C, as seen by feasible model. From Dominance model we can see one alternative (area B) that dominance to the others. From Lexicography model we can see that Job B has top position for rank 4.

6. Best criteria from mimimum

And because only Job B that meet my younger sister minimum values, then of course Job B become best criteria from minimum.

7. Performance monitoring and post result

The chosen alternative is area B, and I think the attribute values that we can use as performance parameter is work schedule. Job B work schedule is excellent, so I think if my sister choose the option, she has a lot of time for enjoy her time even the area location is poor and the salary increasing is medium between area A and area C.


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  1. AWESOME posting, Bu Maya!! Nice work!! You followed our step by step process very nicely and your citations were spot on!!! Be sure to claim credit for one of your Chapter 14 problems as well for this posting.

    Keep up the good work and let’s see if you can get one more posting done. I also would really like to see you at least try for a paper……

    Dr. PDG, back in Jakarta

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