W2_HWB_Full Analytical Criteria Method

1. Problem Definition

At this second blog I’ll write about things that I had just experienced. The last few weeks, two of my kids had a prolonged cough illness despite after chek up to the doctor two times. After I observed, I concluded that maybe they are allergic to changes in air quality. Eventually I plan to buy an air purifier to be installed in the child’s room.

2. Development of Feasible Alternatives

There are many brands of air purifier at an electronics store with a variety of different specifications. I will use Full Analytical Criteria Method to select the option, that method will help me narrow down the options through a systematic approach of comparing choices by selecting, weighting, and applying criteria.

3. Development Outcomes for Alternative

First, list all the option also list any criteria on which to choose, it becomes the initial data as table below.

4. Selection of Criteria

After setting options and criteria, make the weighting matrix to compare the criteria with the criteria, it is also among the criteria and the option. Evaluate each criterion in relation to each other criterion and criterion with option, assign a number designating their relative importance. Use the following number system:

1 = Equally important.

5 = More important/preferred.

10 = Much more important/preferred

1/5 = Less important/preferred.

1/10 = Much less important/preferred.

5. Analysis of the Alternatives

6. Selection of Preferred Alternative

The calculation result shows that the highest value is 0.2633, that’s option fell on Honeywell 18200 air purifier brands with the biggest value criteria in capacity.

7. Performance Monitoring & Post Evaluation of Results

Full Analytical Criteria Method is very helpful in my case. To further refine the results can be done with the survey and PERT analysis. Criterion can be add much more in terms of both kualitative and quantitative.




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3 responses to “W2_HWB_Full Analytical Criteria Method

  1. AWESOME case study Pak Hari and your citations were spot on….

    My only question is why didn’t you cite Engineering Economy, Chapter 14? If you had done so, you also could have claimed credit for one of your Chapter 14 problems as this is an example of Multi-Attribute Decision Making…… Next time be sure to reference either Humphrey’s or Engineering Economy and if the blog posting is appropriate, enabling me to feel confident you understand how to use the specific tool/techniques, then you can claim credit for your Blog AND for one of your Humphrey’s or Engineering Economy problems…..

    Dr. PDG, Singapore

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